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I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
— Tammy Faye Bakker

So I can’t believe I am starting this post with a quote from Tammy Faye Bakker, but I mean in all of her craziness (and let’s face it, the woman is CRAZY. I still have nightmares about the Larry King interview she did right before passed away. I’m saving you the horror by not posting the link. You’re welcome). But the woman has got a point. Sometimes, after a long day, after a never-ending to do list, after you feel just plain blah, a quick round of retail therapy does the job.

Things have been super hectic in my life. With some key people at work out on medical leave, with trying to manage sitting on two boards AND still trying to see my friends and have some semblance of a social life, I have been a bit more frazzled lately. So I thought, hey I have a bit of time AND a groupon, I’ll head to “old faithful”, try on some fun things and fill a void of stability in my life with something cute from The Gap.

So I headed on in to a TOTALLY different store than I had stepped in just a month or so ago. Old faithful Gap, where I have been shopping since I was 7 (you try fitting a child that was in 20th percentile in weight AND 99th percentile in height in pants. HELLO Kids Gap slim long jeans!) was a MONSTROSITY. The floors were ripped up and scuffed (were they doing construction or just trying to create the floor equivalent of pre-dirty jeans), the colors were BLAND, and EVERYTHING itched. At this point in my life (post-awkward stage),  most clothes (regardless of if I actually like them) look pretty good on me (thank you great genetics). NOTHING looked good on me, things made ME feel fat (honestly I never understood the gripes of friends who said certain clothes made them feel fat. I apologize. I TOTALLY understand after this horror trip), and I left with some tights (to their credit, they were ADORABLE. But like to spend a groupon on tights, sorta felt like a cop out). I literally left retail therapy feeling like I needed the retail psych ward.

I went on with my day and felt more stressed than when I had come in. What had my childhood staple done to me? My favorite employee told me that when The Gap did it’s rebranding they learned from customers that when people think of The Gap, they think of “affordable basics” (ain’t nothing wrong with that, am I wrong?). Apparently the Gap execs decided to change 41 years of great jeans, comfy sweaters and good work staples for a cross between Urban Outfitters and American Apparel (and maybe hell). Their current customers didn’t matter, it was time for a change. I honestly feel like Gap has given me a big fat slap in the face (have I mentioned my AOL screen name growing up was MsGapChick…no letters, no added numbers, I was a devout Gap fan chick).

So I took my slap in the face to good ol’ Trader Joes that not only sticks to its brand, but ALSO makes it’s customers smile. Why had I not ventured there in the first place (oh right, I wanted some new clothes and the Hawaiian shirts really aren’t my thing)? In the short 15 minutes I was in the store, I was released from the Retail Psych Ward in a way only a “cinnamon broom” (described to last FOREVER by the employee and on the package as “decorative, aromatic and ROMANTIC) can do. If the “cinnamon broom” weren’t enough (and it really was), I tasted the most delicious free sample of Chicken Alfredo, bought a gorgeous bouquet of $5.99 autumnal flowers and some sweet potato chips (which didn’t last a full night last time I bought them. They are THAT good). To say the experience was simply a delight would be an understatement. Forget my 15 minutes of fame (I’m waiting), I got my 15 minutes of REAL Retail Therapy.

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