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So this is not the first time I tried to become a blogger. I couldn’t help but join the craze almost exactly two years ago. Back then, I was inspired. I was excited. I felt like I could make a difference. Hold on, hold on. I’ll stop being dramatic. See it’s not that I’m not inspired by my work, or think I can’t make a difference (there is a reason I chose to get a Master’s degree in making pennies Saving the World). I was inspired and excited about politics. Yes, I first started blogging (notedly, VERY short lived. Believe me loyal? readers, I won’t leave you this time, I think I might be into blogging for the long haul) right after the 2008 Presidential Election.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about that time. My friends and I were excited. We voted because we cared, not because we feared. We were idealistic maybe, but sometimes idealism is so needed after so may years of George W. Bush. We even had a kickass election night party (note: I LOVE and LIVE for theme parties. There is nothing I think brings people together more than a well crafted and highly themed menu of food and drink). A few friends even asked if I was hosting an election night party this year. I could make a bangin’ Barackali (broccoli) and cheese dip and drink some Blue Moon beer and have an Anti-Tea Party (What would be the opposite of that? A coffee party? Would drinking Starbucks only make us more pretentious and gross than the tea party?). But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Hosting a party means you have something to celebrate. And this year’s election just doesn’t inspire me to celebrate anything.

So this year, I tried to face the inevitable (but I voted and am hoping for a miracle). I wore my patriotic colors (including adorable red patent leather flats and a blue beaded necklace. I couldn’t give up a theme completely). And I’m gonna cross my fingers, drink some Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate (you knew I’d get some TJ’s in there somehow. Also, hot chocolate is a happy medium between the craziness of the Tea Party and the full on extreme of coffee) and hope that a sense of idealism will come back. Because honestly, at 26, I’m too young to be a cynic.

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