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Growing up, I would absolutely LOVE when my mom would decide it was too hot to cook and would cut up tons of fruit and let us eat fruit and rainbow sherbet. We would sit outside and make soup out of our fun colored dinner. Besides summer camp, eating rainbow sherbet is one of my favorite summer time memories.

I recently learned however, that I had been calling this frozen delicacy the wrong thing. I’m not sure if I just imitated my dad (he grew up in Queens, maybe that’s just how they pronounce it there…sorta like Brooklynites call soda, soder), or if I just decided myself, but I ate SHERBERT. At Friendly’s, I ordered the orange sherbert¬†cooler. I’d beg my mom for sherbert and fruit for dinner. So it was much to my dismay (but eventual tasty delight), that I learned when buying Trader Joe’s Blueberry Pomegranate Sherbet that I had been pronouncing it wrong all these years! I guess it was sorta part of the graduating process from rainbow to a more sophisticated palate to blu-pom (have I mentioned that I LOVE abbreviations).

The blu-pom sherbet (I will spell it sherbet, but I will continue to pronounce it as I damn well please) is to be quite honest one of the absolute BEST things that TJ’s has concocted in my opinion (and that is saying a lot, because there is less than two hands worth of products that I’ve bought over the years at TJ’s that I haven’t adored and wanted to buy again). It is unbelievable, delicious and always the perfect consisetency. Other products always seem to get a bit of freezer burn or overly hard in my freezer, but not the blu-pom. It is just consisentently delicious. And it is a gorgeous shade of purple.

It’s interesting when I think about this (and I hadn’t when I initially thought of this post) about my transition from rainbow sherbet to a more sophisticated blu-pom (purple) and how it connects to my wearing purple today in honor of those teens whom have recently taken their lives due to bullying regarding their sexuality or perceived sexuality. I don’t know if I’ll ever wear rainbows or march in parades, cause to be honest a) that’s really not my thing and b) I don’t think I would march in a Jewish parade or a New Jersey parade or anything else that is a part of who I am. To be honest, these are all parts of who I am , but none are the defining pinacle of who I am. I am who I am because of all of these things. But I can wear purple (representing “spirit” in the equality flag) and show that such torment (whether by others or by one’s self) can be overcome. It’s not always easy but it does get better. And no one has said this better in my opinion than Councilman Joel Burns¬†you haven’t seen this, please watch. And more importantly be nice.

The purple blu-pom SHERBERT will taste extra good tonight.

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