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Where have I been? I know it’s been a while. The election sadness has faded, and I’ve been busy and all, but none of this explains why you haven’t gotten a blogging update. You see I am living up to my name. No not Trader Robes. Or not my given name. I am living up to my high school superlative.

While my friends were being awarded, “Most Likely to Succeed” and “Best Athlete”, I won a title a little less positive. You see, I was voted “Biggest Hazard”. Yep, “Biggest Spazz”, “Most Likely To Trip Over Her Own Two Feet”, and “You’re just too tall to figure out how to control your body” are all me. And I won by the biggest landslide in yearbook history (only one other person even got a vote!). I even voted for myself. Because, well it was true. It’s taken time, but until I went to college, I was too tall for my own damn body (I probably was the first person ever excited for the “Freshman 15″). So when I dropped something, tripped or just looked plain awkward, I was just earning my title.

But see I thought I had grown out of it. I hadn’t really tripped in a while (okay, a meaningful trip, we all trip sometimes, right?), I wore heels and like to think my 5’11” frame rocked them. I was an almost 27 year old who could handle herself. Oh right, and then I dropped my computer.

See, that’s where I’ve been. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy (I thought I watched a LOT of tv before this catastrophe, boy did I not know what was coming) as my computer has been packaged and bundled (it was like sending off my first-born) and sent off to “Dell Hell” for 8-10 business days. It’s been tough. I haven’t quite gotten the shakes yet, but honestly, it’s only a matter of time.

So yeah, I am basically detoxing from the convenience of my laptop. My roommates and friends are giving up things for 8-10 business days in solidarity with me. (PS. 8-10 business days feels like FOREVER, and it’s only day 3. Maybe this is like Jewish Lent?). 

R has given up eating marmite for breakfast (for a native Brit, this is a huge undertaking and for that I am forever grateful of her support).

B is giving up her use of catch phrases (this has actually been a double detox for me. Her catch phrases are so adorable).

D is giving up going out for lunch and is just bringing leftovers.

H told me he would give up something (probably reading my blog, he is desperate for a shoutout. Let’s see if he even notices this).

And M told me she is giving up taking pictures of me (she is the number one photographer of my facebook pics). I somewhat appreciate this as I am sure I don’t look quite as cute as normal when going through detox.

So yes, I’ve been busy. And without a computer. And watching a LOT of tv. Thank goodness Trader Joes is down the street.

What would you “detox” from?

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