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As I sit here wearing what can only be described as a Hanukkah miracle and I wait for Spicy Kung Pao Chicken dinner to finish microwaving, I thought I’d give a little shout out to December, and not for the holidays and not even for my birthday (or as I used to say, ‘the day heaven lost an angel”). No I give a shout out to December because it brings on something near and dear to my heart: NOVELTY PRODUCTS!

I love me a novelty product. Apparently some people think it is the ONLY thing that I like, because I get an abundance of them as gifts. And while I do like some other things too, novelty products are nothing short of AWESOME. Think about it. The Snuggie. The Bump It (and Snooki and all her noveltiness that came along with her). The Candy Cane Jo-Jo’s (for all of you who shop at the Trader Joes‘ in Brookline, they are sold out!).

Tonight after my run (Day 2 of Couch 2 5K complete and not dead on the side of the JCC track!), I decided to stop in Trader Joes as I needed groceries and I needed a little retail therapy. H was my trusty co-shopper and I must have been REALLY dilusional because on two seperate occasions I saw people I knew and screamed out, “Hey I know you”. Right, couldn’t even remember their names. Nonetheless, I left with $54 worth  of groceries with more than half  being some sort of novelty  (I know, I know, I shop at Trader Joes because it is a novelty grocery store). BUT, come December, you bring in the SEASONAL NOVELTY PRODUCTS!

A few highlights (with reviews to come):

-Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows (if my sister read this blog, she’d be  freaking her freak).

-A Holiday  Joe-Joe Medley that is sure to be a delight (TJ employee confirmed)

-Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (a fancier and bigger version of Hershey’s with almonds–SCORE)

-Not one but TWO bags of Mint Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims (I figured this could be this season’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s and I was a girl scout–I gotta be prepared).

Who else is ready to novelty?

PS. I really don’t hate the holidays. I love them a lot. But nothing quite says novelty, like acapella song parodies about the holidays. Enjoy!


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Where have I been? I know it’s been a while. The election sadness has faded, and I’ve been busy and all, but none of this explains why you haven’t gotten a blogging update. You see I am living up to my name. No not Trader Robes. Or not my given name. I am living up to my high school superlative.

While my friends were being awarded, “Most Likely to Succeed” and “Best Athlete”, I won a title a little less positive. You see, I was voted “Biggest Hazard”. Yep, “Biggest Spazz”, “Most Likely To Trip Over Her Own Two Feet”, and “You’re just too tall to figure out how to control your body” are all me. And I won by the biggest landslide in yearbook history (only one other person even got a vote!). I even voted for myself. Because, well it was true. It’s taken time, but until I went to college, I was too tall for my own damn body (I probably was the first person ever excited for the “Freshman 15″). So when I dropped something, tripped or just looked plain awkward, I was just earning my title.

But see I thought I had grown out of it. I hadn’t really tripped in a while (okay, a meaningful trip, we all trip sometimes, right?), I wore heels and like to think my 5’11” frame rocked them. I was an almost 27 year old who could handle herself. Oh right, and then I dropped my computer.

See, that’s where I’ve been. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy (I thought I watched a LOT of tv before this catastrophe, boy did I not know what was coming) as my computer has been packaged and bundled (it was like sending off my first-born) and sent off to “Dell Hell” for 8-10 business days. It’s been tough. I haven’t quite gotten the shakes yet, but honestly, it’s only a matter of time.

So yeah, I am basically detoxing from the convenience of my laptop. My roommates and friends are giving up things for 8-10 business days in solidarity with me. (PS. 8-10 business days feels like FOREVER, and it’s only day 3. Maybe this is like Jewish Lent?). 

R has given up eating marmite for breakfast (for a native Brit, this is a huge undertaking and for that I am forever grateful of her support).

B is giving up her use of catch phrases (this has actually been a double detox for me. Her catch phrases are so adorable).

D is giving up going out for lunch and is just bringing leftovers.

H told me he would give up something (probably reading my blog, he is desperate for a shoutout. Let’s see if he even notices this).

And M told me she is giving up taking pictures of me (she is the number one photographer of my facebook pics). I somewhat appreciate this as I am sure I don’t look quite as cute as normal when going through detox.

So yes, I’ve been busy. And without a computer. And watching a LOT of tv. Thank goodness Trader Joes is down the street.

What would you “detox” from?

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So this is not the first time I tried to become a blogger. I couldn’t help but join the craze almost exactly two years ago. Back then, I was inspired. I was excited. I felt like I could make a difference. Hold on, hold on. I’ll stop being dramatic. See it’s not that I’m not inspired by my work, or think I can’t make a difference (there is a reason I chose to get a Master’s degree in making pennies Saving the World). I was inspired and excited about politics. Yes, I first started blogging (notedly, VERY short lived. Believe me loyal? readers, I won’t leave you this time, I think I might be into blogging for the long haul) right after the 2008 Presidential Election.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about that time. My friends and I were excited. We voted because we cared, not because we feared. We were idealistic maybe, but sometimes idealism is so needed after so may years of George W. Bush. We even had a kickass election night party (note: I LOVE and LIVE for theme parties. There is nothing I think brings people together more than a well crafted and highly themed menu of food and drink). A few friends even asked if I was hosting an election night party this year. I could make a bangin’ Barackali (broccoli) and cheese dip and drink some Blue Moon beer and have an Anti-Tea Party (What would be the opposite of that? A coffee party? Would drinking Starbucks only make us more pretentious and gross than the tea party?). But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Hosting a party means you have something to celebrate. And this year’s election just doesn’t inspire me to celebrate anything.

So this year, I tried to face the inevitable (but I voted and am hoping for a miracle). I wore my patriotic colors (including adorable red patent leather flats and a blue beaded necklace. I couldn’t give up a theme completely). And I’m gonna cross my fingers, drink some Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate (you knew I’d get some TJ’s in there somehow. Also, hot chocolate is a happy medium between the craziness of the Tea Party and the full on extreme of coffee) and hope that a sense of idealism will come back. Because honestly, at 26, I’m too young to be a cynic.

To Read What I was thinking right after the 2008 Election, click here.

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